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By Burak Kutlay


Human beings who has the power to change the earth geomorphologically 
have entered the Anthropocene age which is expected to be accepted by 
the international commission on stratigraphy. I point out and question the 
existence of individuals living in this system, where human beings were 
born and grew up in cities they created. I create works that reflect the 
multi-layered interaction of human bodies and portraits with city images 
by using natural material wood, synthetically produced epoxy and acrylic 
“Today’s artists not only seek to create new discourses in different contexts, 
but also use different materials to deepen and layer the subject. 
Burak Kutlay, an artist who replicates what he wants to say in this diversity 
axis with different references. It reproduces and deepens the image by 
overlapping various architectural drawings by using epoxy on the portraits 
made with acrylic on wood. Therefore, the new ‘landscape’ that we watch in 
Kutlay’s paintings, in a sense, is about the environment and architecture 
created by today’s individual while on the other hand… In Kutlay’s paintings, he does not 
distinguish between the city views and the architecture that surround the 
individual and himself. by pointing to the opposite, it truly points to the 
multi-layeredness of the human-environment relationship. Neither takes the 
portrait alone and glorifies it nor leaves the architecture breathless by 
isolating it from the individual. The fact that the paintings contain many 
architectural drawings and collages deepens this intimacy; the individual 
urges to rethink the environmental relationship.” – Esra Aliçavuşoğlu, 2018 |

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